Management and Optimization of
Opportunities in Physical and Digital Point of Sale

How does it work?

The store receives activities to control and verify the execution of negotiated actions in the physical PDV and digital through the application.

Once all areas are registered, you have visibility of occupied and vacant spaces with an interactive map of the stores and your e-commerce. This way, you have an overview of the revenue potential of your business.

This makes it possible to manage the spaces to prevent them from being negotiated with multiple suppliers.

You can visit the stores and conduct your own point-of-sale audits, communicating any non-compliance through the application.

Como funciona?

Check out the benefits

  • Have total control over occupancy and execution at the point of sale (PDV) POS???
  • Register additional points
  • Visualize all areas on a single screen
  • Track what is occupied or vacant
  • Know the revenue potential
  • Control contracts with suppliers and verify information for each negotiation
  • Evaluate the performance and ROI achieved in negotiations

and still:

  • Performance report by area, demonstrating the upfactor (growth factor) that each product had compared to its standard behavior
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