Intelligent Management
for Trade Marketing Execution

Stay informed about what’s happening at the point of sale in real-time

And that includes all the factors that matter, such as:

  • Out-of-stock situations
  • Price
  • Shelf life
  • Perfect store
  • Virtual inventory
  • Spot surveys, and more!

Can you imagine the synergy? Routes perfectly optimized between IDEAL stores,meaning, those that use data-driven strategies. Data that is obtained in REAL-TIME!

Como funciona?

Check out some benefits

  • Strategically and dynamically manage the relationship with the point of sale (PDV) to increase loyalty and presence in the retail sector.
  • Organize all media: with the right filters, it is possible to view images from a specific PDV.
  • Set a geolocation radius based on the PDVs of the daily route, preventing the team from going outside the allowed perimeter.
  • Create scores based on activities, where employees can track their performance through points earned for each perfect execution at the PDV.
Como funciona?