Your complete
administration for
incentive campaigns

Performance indicator of gamification and ranking. Follow in real time the performance of your campaings and team.


The Ilncentive is a platform of planning and administration incentive campaings of your company. Whit this tool, you have control of creation and execution all everything that involves award of employees, in a quickly and easy way.

How the Ilcentive works?

Through the data collected and registered in the system, the solution value the team indicators and develop in real time the results information who are insert in incentive campaigns. Accounting everything needed for accomplish the objective.

Also it´s connected whit e-commerce sites for the award and offers models of gamification for the manager implement the visual of platform. It´s possible create custom rules That make sense with your business model and stimulate your field team to be part of the action.

What are
the benefits
of iIncentive?

When we love what we do, we get more motivated for give our best in any situation. The Ilncentive whit your easy view and management make it explicit for the employees that the company looks care to your satisfaction and life quality. Respect and admiration your daily effort for execution the tasks whit excellence.

Integration e-commerce to exchange awards;

Gamification and ranking;

Bulk and positivation of sell-in e sell-out

Quiz (punctuation system);

Exhibition (approbation/ punctuation of photos);

Prize draw (CEF);

Done official regulation;

Exports fotos for PPT and PDF;

Remind your team that
you are united

Have whatever do you want for trace the better rote until you reach the ideal results. When you look around your actions are more effective, leaving you in the domain to make accurate decisions in any situation.

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