Control and management
technology integrated
in the PDV.

Manage all product information
at points of sale and
improve decision making.

What is

Speed and efficiency are necessary at all times to achieve assertive results in markets and establishments. With iMerchan, you have all the data you need to reach that goal.

It is possible to capture the product informations on the gondola at any point of sale. Besides, this can be in a customized way, both for specific segments of the brand/product or for different professional scales, from the field team to supervision, coordination.

How does iMerchan works?

You will have in your system the information referring to the products available in the establishments, their performance and the management that is being carried out. Soon, you will know exactly what is for sale, in what way, where it is located on the gondolas, etc.

Reinforcing the efficiency of iMerchan even more, the field team will be able to send information in real time about the situation of the items, alerting about stock, organization, excess of products, price variations and any irregularity or opportunity seen.

In this way, the management will have space to reformulate strategies and, through a chat with the team or specific professional, coordinate the necessary changes for the best use of the scenario.

The platform consolidates these performance indicators at the point of sale through reports, graphs and surveys, facilitating the administration and command of the responsible sector, integrating data from sell-in to sell-out.

Control everything
with a
panoramic view.

Knowing exactly all the details of your brand or product that are distributed in different stores, the ease of management grows exponentially.

With iMerchan, you will monitor and manage all of these items on one platform, keeping performance analysis in reports and graphs recorded. Organize products in real time according to field team feedbacks. Thus, you will avoid problems in the establishment and you will not miss the opportunities to leverage sales.

Collection of indicators: Price, breakage, sales and specific surveys;

Productivity (open boxes and virtual stock);

Photobook in PPT;

Gondola Share;

Communication via chat with the team (group or individual);

E-learning and downloadable manuals;

Photo panel in Power Point or PDF;

Integration of Neogrid sell-out data.

Manage your points of sale in an
orchestral way.

With everything in sight and under control, make the strategic decisions that will increase the company’s results. Do you want this upgrade in your business? You can count on us, we are excited to work together!