Manage all investments from the point of sale in real time.

Manage and control integrated of all investment at PDV in real time for strategic planning and execution with excellence


iFinance is the platform for you to manage the financial information related to the point of sale, such as budget management and resale actions, with the integration of data with the ERP system, facilitating the control of all trade investments real-time marketing.

In addition, the areas of controllership, commercial, price, marketing, compliance and the other strategic sectors of the company that need alignment with trade marketing for decision making are also integrated into the platform, providing practicality in the organization and administration.

How iFinance works?

with an intuitive interface, the iFinance separate in several categories the offers solutions, since investment view until sign new contracts. The information are presented in lists, graphics and panels, distributed in agreement with your preference

All the categories have a process dynamics complete, making possible check, for example, agreement listing, historic, criation of agréments, counting the reading and sign too, saving time and avoiding long bureaucracies.

In platform, the organization of investments it´s automated and controled, following the defined pattern for the company. The budget can be divided from the commercial area on account, cliente, region or type of investment. The control of profit sharing is already connected to the account or manager.

Negotiation tools are available to help in decision making, focused in the cycle, positivation guide and product catalog. The ROI is also part of the tool, managing your sell-in and sell-out, integrated with neogrid, MDTR and Nielsen. And believe, there is still much more.

What are
the benefits
of iFinance?

Practicality and agility. These are the words that best define the Ifinance. Manage the application sector and your derivatives it´s not a simple task. Conciliate agréments, investments, negotiations, flow, audits and others activities need attention and focus still being able misalignments during the execution of the work.

With the Ifinance your control and accounting security are extremely favorable to an assertive servisse, with the ideal result and minimal chances of fail. Let’s check an example?

Budget management of trade área/ commercial on account/ cliente/ region/ type of investment;

Flow and contract analysis, payments and promotions

Follow up of all trade área tracking of MPDV;

P&L control (participation and profit) on account/ manager;

Negotiation tools: focus in the cycle, positivation guide and products catalog;

ROI- management of sell-in and sell-out, integrated with neogrid, MDTR and Nielsen;

Audit of contracts with eletronic receipt;

Platform access by the end costumer for debate;

Visibility by the comercial team and trade marketing of investments in real time;

Comparative analysis for better decision making.

Management 360º

Through the integration of the budget with the ERP, the surveys of opportunities and niches for the PDV are more visible and functional, working in a cycle that goes from planning to ROI analysis.

The first step, as previously said, is planning. Trace all trade marketing and comercial investments for this new action. This makes it possible to create and execute comercial agreements at the PDV.

Manage your investments, monitor the agreement and audit the PDV.

Validate and approve the payment process.

Sign the documents digitally, having the signature receipts available. Now, all you have to do is analyze and manage your ROI, integrated with Neogrid, MDTR and Nielsen.

Only here, we had the Trade Marketing investment process and the commercial area, from planning to execution and investment control, involving the areas of trade marketing, controllership, merchandising, commercial, price, marketing and compliance. iFinance helps you do all that and more.

Have the bests results
with iFinance!

With all these tools from the iFinance platform, you completely dominate the investments of the PDV, taking actions previously analyzed, verified and assertive for your business. And we can prove it! Take a look at the results we obtained with our customers:


productivity on budget


reduction in operating costs


of the increase in effectiveness in agreements and actions


reduction in errors in operational, manual and automatic activities


reduction in payment terms



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