of routes and visits
by the field team.

Be practical, assertive and strategic
when monitoring and leading your team
to cover the largest possible area,
in less time with more results.

What is
o iCheck-in?

iCheck-in is the ideal tool for control and administration of the field team. Using it to supervise the movement of these professionals, managers and planners have total vision and control of the activities performed, evaluating the performance of the route, stores and goods, enabling new strategies to be assembled and passed to the team on the streets in real time.

How does iCheck-in works?

First, the external team opens the application and selects the first store to be visited.

Arriving at the site, it will be necessary to take a photo of the facade of the establishment to start data collection.

A form will be made available for the professional to fill in according to the information received and inspected at the store.

Finally, after doing the research, a checkout will be done with another image of the facade.

What are
the benefits
of iCheck-in?

The simplicity of his use is essential for a more fluid work during the day, but rest assured, all the information you need is also here. We are going to introduce you to some details that make up this app:

Route and demand control through check-in and checkout;

Geolocation with latitude and longitude, including Google Street View;

Script productivity: stores served, time spent, commuting and lunch;

Monitoring of the team along with the Reading of kilometers traveled;

Comparison between planned and realized itinerary;

Import and export of reports;

I’m a manager, what will
I see on my screen?

You will have all the progress and execution of employee activities on your monitors. In it, you will get the user’s location, details of the visit, researches carried out, number of images sent, progress of the day and time of the last synchronization with the platform.

In addition, details such as cell phone data, remaining battery and instant chat are also included.

And don’t worry, if the network sign alis unavailable for uploading information, the technology of this servisse also works offline, the professional can continue to perform their tasks normally. As soon as the connection is available again, the data will be sent automatically.

For general panoramas, the heat map visually shows the performance of the entire team, both in the region they are in, and of teams from Other municipalities, cities and states, covering the entire national territory.

The reports accompany this data. With a click you will se the consolidate analysis of the services provided, the presence in the places and the justifications of the employees in case of any unforeseen event.

With all this in hand, you will have an exclusive section to create the best itineraries according to all the information you have acquires. Do and redo in real time, you will have the best strategic vision to achieve the ideal result for the company.

Did you like the tool?

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