Control and detailing
of promotional actions
and seasonal at the PDV.

Fully master the trade marketing
landscape quickly and efficiently.

What is

iAction is the platform that details your trade marketing actions. In this way, the agencies that serve the industries can manage the merchandising activities, ensuring strategic control of the actions with the client. Command the entire operation at the points of sale and have a advantage in the execution of the planned action, keeping the situation under control even with unforeseen circumstances or re-planning according to the results.

How does iAction works?

Through online and offline Technologies, iAction presents in real time what the consumer is buying, when he bought it, where and how he acquired it.

Thus, it is specified in the platform in graphics, spreadsheets and surveys if the exposure of brands and products are effective, the correct prices, the performance of professionals on the front line according to the strategy, among other characteristics that reflect in the accurate accomplishment of what was planned.

What are
the benefits
of iAction?

With the necessary information and ideal tools, you achieve the objectives of the merchandising in an assertive way, even with unforessen or necessary changes in the approach of the goods. iAction is your companion for you to be completely aware of everything that happens in promotional and seasonal actions, having a broad view not only of the sale of products, but of everything related to the sell-out process.

Consumer actions in real time;

Relationship between Approach/Tasting and Sales;


Exchange of gifts/control;

Control of support material (MPDV);

Competition actions;

Photo panel in Power Point or PDF;

Communication with the team in group or individual chat.

Excellence in control of
your trade marketing

Have whatever do you want for trace the better rote until you reach the ideal results. When you look around your actions are more effective, leaving you in the domain to make accurate decisions in any situation.

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