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We offer you systems
customized and integrated for
management of indicators at the POS

Who we are

IPDV is a company that has been operating for 10 years in the technological market, innovating in mobile systems for managing all point of sale indicators.

Through its platforms, IPDV provides strategic information, control and management of activities related to the POS and your company. With the ideal tools to analyze the scenario, make the right decisions easily and masterfully, managing everything in an orchestral way.

Our solutions are accessible via smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android), PC and web applications.


Create intelligent solutions that lead our customers to achieve their results at the point of sale


Be a technology reference at the POS, providing customers with complete management of the performance of their products and brands in retail


Translate information needs into effective decision-making tools. Constantly seeking to meet and exceed our customers’ needs

What Ipdv
can offer to
my business?

The simplicity of its use is essential for a more fluid work during the day, but rest assured, all the information you need is also here. Let’s introduce you to some details that make up this app:

Quality control and collection of point of sale indicators (price, stockout, virtual stock etc);

Guidance on investment processes and ROI;

Trade budget management software to control actions and investments at the point of sale, integrated with SAP, Nielsen, NeoGrid and others;

Digital product catalog, providing cost savings with creation, printing and shipping through logistics;

Hotsites for managing incentive campaigns for sales and merchandising teams;

Demonstration of actions and products, with quantitative and qualitative analysis and real time dashboards;

Because i will trust
my company to IPDV?

This is a super important question. Your business is part of your life, and clearly you want to take every precaution to always improve and avoid problems. The good news is that we think so too! We want to take care of your business so that you can reach the top. We have proven differentials by our customers who affirm this position:

Flexibility in the development of scalable and customized platforms, assertively meeting your requirements

Personalized service according to your project and with hours dedicated to you

Market-integrated project leadership with business know-how

Import and maintenance in the customers' database

Integrated customer support with availability of 8 hours a day, no consumption limit

On-site training free of charge*
*(only travel and accommodation)

Let’s work together?

We want to help you to use all the potential that your company has, aiming at the best possible results, achieved in a practical, intelligent and technological way.